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As the real ale industry has grown in recent years, so has the need to have a reliable source of quality ales and craft beers. Having nearly 1,300 breweries to choose from is great news, but perhaps choosing and sourcing the right beers for your customers is a harder task than ever.

Tony sources great ales at competitive prices and always delivers on time with brilliant service. If you fancy stocking something harder to get from breweries all over the UK, give The Beer Agent a call. I recommend them wholeheartedy.

Darren Matthews, The White Bear, Tewkesbury

This is where The Beer Agent can help... 

We are constantly identifying and building relationships with breweries from the Orkneys in the north to Penzance in the south, making it easier for you to offer your customers a huge variety throughout the year from a single source.

We very carefully select the breweries we work with, and are proud to supply some of the best known quality breweries in the country. That said, we are always looking for additional breweries that meet our standards to maintain an ever-expanding variety.

The Benefits of a Single Source

There are additional benefits of having your beers from one source...

  • One phone call to order a range of beers from multiple breweries each week
  • A relationship with someone who understands your needs and your customers preferences
  • Collection of all empties on a weekly basis keeping your cellar and garden free of unsightly piles of casks
  • One supplier account, minimising your cash or account transactions.

Having found the right beers, we ensure we provide a service that is second to none, in terms of fulfilling your requirements. Not only that, but we provide this excellence at a very competitive price too.

We hope you will give us a try - we think you'll be pleased you did!

Please call Tony on 07810 553350 or the office on 01242 570330.

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